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Saturday, May 3, 2008

African women’s role in Society and Governance

Economic roles

In traditional Africa, women had recognized and vital roles in the economic well being of their communities.Among the Kikuyu of Kenya, women were the major food producers and thus not only had ready access to land but also had AUTHROITY of how the land was to be used and cultivated. Therefore, the value of women’s productive labour in producing and Read More


Anonymous said...

This is a lot of help!
I had to do a project on womens role in africa and this was quite helpful!

Mallie said...

Thank you!! This is an extremely well written and honest article, and it really helped me with my paper on women's roles in Africa. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Please make the article readable

M Sena said...

Dear friend,

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Anonymous said...

To Sena,

I have to say the truth here; Islam has destroyed Africa. It is a serious problem because it intrudes into our cultures. See the many violences in Nigeria, and especially in Sudan where their sharia is enforced on others. Likely South Sudan has separated to keep their African way of life.

Islam is a violent religion to say the least!!

Williams Ediagbonya said...

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Telle said...

thank you for such a wonderful article

Anonymous said...

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