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Friday, February 18, 2011


Honoring Our Ancestors, Families, Our Culture & Humanity.

Inspired by One Love

Culture: The totality of socially transmitted behavior patterns, beliefs, institutions, arts, and all other products of human works and thought characteristics of a community or population.

A style of social expression, peculiar to a society, or class. Intellectual activity and the works produced by.

The act of developing the social, moral, and intellectual activity of the mind.

A high degree of taste, and refinement, intellectual training.

To Cultivate: is to improve prepare, and to promote the growth of ones mind.

To nurture: to nourish and develop To refine: is to educate, cultivate, polish socially

Our original plan was to focus solely on African American History. However, after research and careful assessments, we have discovered, there is vital information in history that is not in our history books pertaining to the inter-actions of cultures, which need to be shared, by all nationalities.

For centuries, people have interacted through procreation, communities, marriages, wars, attempts at peace, and other social encounters. Though some situations were forced and others were voluntary, the fact s still remains many cultures define our social structures. Although our cultural differences and similarities may be different, we all have one thing in command, which is the human migration of all people, and some of us still do not know, our connections. So we cannot tell one story without including, the others. Metaphorically speaking, the world is not just black and white, it is a vast multi- cultural spear; filled with unexplored territories and universal laws!

When it comes to history, comprehensive research must be the ultimate goal. This will allow everyone involved a chance to make a concise and intelligent decision. After all facts are concluded then we can move forward collectively, to distribute our information. Some historian s, educator s, community activist, and parent s believe African American history should be implemented into our school curriculums, so all students can get a balanced view on the contributions of all cultures!

It is 2007, and we remain divided, when it comes to race relations. Our view of the world and each other is often shaped through television programs, movies, out dated books, hear say, and of course the media. We need collective dialogue in our schools, on our jobs, and in our communities, on cultural differences and diversity. Most people get offended when accused of being prejudice, however we all are influences, by learned behavior. If we do not make an effort to be enlighten on these matters, we will remain stagnated. There will always be those among us who are resistant to change, however, there are also those of us who choose to grow!

Our journey will take you back to ancient times, and bring you forward to the here and now, and long after we are gone, there will be a blue print for all children to follow. Especially, African American children, whose ancient and modern history has not yet had a chance, to make an impact, on mainstream society!

Our children are our future. As we pass our legacy to them, we must make sure they are equipped with truth. We intend for them to know the inter-connections of the human race, and African Americans, contributions to the world!

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